Beach Birds

These pictures were taken at the beach. Perching-, wading- and occasionally, waterbirds,
were happy to get food as their habitat is in decline. It was rather instructive to see how well the various
birds could get along, and how doves learned wading from the turnstones. Although whimbrels are very
territorial, they tolerate non-whimbrels unless they try to snatch a snack a whimrel considers 'rightful
property'. Sometimes an angry whimbrel caught a naughty turnstone by a wing and played 'merry-go-round'.
Wild birds aren't dumbed down, they recognize their mirror-image and understand the sounds uttered by
other birds. Because a whimbrel has only one sound for alarm but ECDs many, it was amusing to see how
the ECDs learned to verify a whimbrel's alarm call.

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Female turnstone
Male turnstone
Whimbrel with young
Beach ECD with friends
Snowy egret
Bodhisattva Roo Ku
Friends with friends
Doves in action
Albatross and sanderling
Whimbrel and snowy egret
Doves, sanderlings, turnstones
"Wading dove"
Donut doves
Once a daily welcome
Racing birds
Ruffled too
Interspecific courting
Whimbrel wins the cookie race
Good appetite!
Count the whimbrels
Whimbrels and turnstones
Smart hunter
On the rocks
Albatross and turnstone
Taking a nap
Visitor with turnstone
Aging curves the bill
Turnstone imitator
Young and old
Symmetry too
Donut specialists
Once a merry bunch
Once a daily welcome too
Once a merry bunch too
Friends with friends 2
Doves in action 2

Last refuge

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